Addressing some technical questions posed by the RDTF vision

The resource discovery taskforce (RDTF) vision poses a number of challenging technical questions such as:

  • What is an aggregation?
  • How do institutions contribute open metadata?
  • What metadata and standards do we use?
  • How do you build interfaces that developers will be keen to use?
  • What needs to be done to existing services and aggregations?

Implementing the resource discovery taskforce vision largely depends on addressing these challenges. Fortunately there are a lot of smart people in the HE community so I fancy our chances. Paul Walk and Adrian Stevenson of UKOLN are managing a project called the IE technical review which has been set up to examine these kind of issues. As part of this project Paul and Adrian pulled together a group of experts to discuss the technical side of the RDTF vision. You can read a summary of the meeting on the IE technical review blog.

The meeting was very productive and the group came up with a list of recommendations. We are issuing a number of calls for funding designed to further the RDTF implementation plan in the next month and the recommendations have been written into these calls. We expect to fund a number of different types of project aimed at institutions, existing aggregations and at overall management of the open metadata and aggregations. These projects will take these outline recommendations and build on them to attempt to answer the big questions we face.