Scoping Study Final Report: Aggregations of Metadata about Images and Time-based Media (Films and Sounds)

Guest Post by Sheila Fraser of EDINA

JISC recently funded EDINA to undertake a short (3-month) scoping study to scope the feasibility, viability and value of creating an aggregation of metadata about images and time-based media, i.e. collections of information (e.g. catalogue information) about digital resources rather than collections of digital resources themselves.

The final report is now available and indicates benefits of, and opportunities for, aggregations of metadata describing images and time-based media, and the barriers to having open and shareable metadata for these resources. It also describes a number of scenarios in which aggregations of metadata about images and time-based media would be useful or required, and different models for aggregating metadata.

The report concludes: “Aggregations of metadata about images and time-based media are useful … it is desirable that these metadata be aggregated [and] it is valuable to have digital metadata for physical resources to enable discoverability of related resources”.

The team would like to thank all participants in the consultation process for their time and expertise. To enable further opportunity for contribution from the wide range of stakeholders, feedback on this report is encouraged as part of the consultation exercise. The full report is available at, where comments are welcome. Further project details are at: