Meeting 1

Meeting 1 took place in London in November 2008.

The focus of meeting 1 was the discussion of how the taskforce would operate and the scope of future taskforce discussions. From this meeting the terms of reference and scope were produced and there was a discussion of the principles of the taskforce and an intial brainstorm around the production of a vision.

Principles to underpin the development and provision of a bibliographic resource discovery infrastructure for UK higher [and further] education

  1. The infrastructure should:
  2. Enable UK education and research to be World-class
  3. Be provided at a network level to offer “network effects” (leveraging scale and impact, aggregation, critical mass, adding value)
  4. Be integrated into the web and future global communication structures
  5. Enable personalisation
  6. Be interoperable and flexible – exploiting and helping to define international standards and support APIs so data can be shared and discrete services integrated into local, national and global provision?
  7. Reduce duplication of effort and be sustainable
  8. Be robust and scalable
  9. Be capable of supporting a comprehensive (format) inclusive (content) coverage?
  10. Be coherent, “compelling”, useable,
  11. Be simple to adopt (shouldn’t confuse with applications
  12. Meet the requirements of key user groups (to be determined) and develop ownership by key user groups.
  13. Be innovative (and therefore support the use of latest technologies and be responsive to changing user requirements)(take risks?) Open to change and adapt.
  14. Be achievable

Plenary Discussion of Vision

Key Words:

  • Linking
  • Shepherding resources
  • Following the crowd
  • Curation
  • Data & metadata
  • Sharing not copying
  • Individuals
  • Society
  • Institutions
  • Context
  • Think global, act local
  • Waste not want not
  • Networks
  • Semantic Web
  • Social web
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Realism
  • Pragmatism
  • Openness
  • People and data
  • Pointing not centralising
  • Embracing multiplicity and diversity
  • Authority shift
  • Identity
  • Seamless
  • Saving time
  • Growth and evolution
  • Huge
  • Right UK model, applicable elsewhere?
  • Indexing not listing
  • Users
  • Future relationship between user and infrastructure?

Aim of the taskforce – discussions

  • Cataloguing predate the web environment
  • What can be done to ensure what the UK is offering is coherent and can be accessed effectively? Need to make sense in a UK context. Need to capture elements that are working.
  • Standards – different resources are catalogued in different ways
  • If starting from scratch would we just have one standard – would it make it better?
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Harnessing the crowd – users and researchers
  • User – placing the onus on them e.g. to create and develop descriptions
  • Take the Research Support Libraries Programme approach – national programmes? High demand – methodology for getting to the priorities
  • Where should investment be targeted?