Related work

There is a lot of work occuring that is relevant to the topics that the Resource Discovery Taskforce was formed to explore, this work is influencing the direction the taskforce is taking.

Here are some of the most relevant pieces of work:

JISC work

Other work

  • Creating catalogues: bibliographic records in a networked world – Report by RIN which looks at the entire process of bibliographic record production for printed and electronic books, and for scholarly journals and journal articles. The report makes recommendations on ways that library catalogues could be made more useful.
  • The SCONUL shared services work has the potential to have a huge impact in this area. It is investigating the fgesibility of taking a shared services approach to library management systems.
  • The Open Library Environment project has produced a design document intended to influence the design of open source and commercial library management systems. The project puts search and catalogues outside of the library system seeing them as services that are better if they are shared.
  • Sites like and librarything amongst others have implications for the way that libraries currently operate.
  • Community based projects that enrich resources by involving people interested in the subjects via a website indicate interesting new ways of approaching resource management. Good examples of these projects are Galaxy Zoo which allows people interested in astronomy to help classify galaxies and the Library of Congress publishing photos on Flickr and using that site to elicit metadata about the images from anyone able to identify some information about them.
  • There are interesting developments in paid for cataloguing services as well. An example is SkyRiver a new service aimed at offering a low cost cooperative cataloguing service.
  • The Library of Congress has carried out some very relevant investigations into the future of bibliographic records.